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Structural Redesign

Create consistency and modernize the platform
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Structural is a tool to empower people to discover the opportunities, experts, and collaborators they need to thrive at work. I personally initiated and oversaw this project, from its initial ideation to the design and development stages. The main objective of the redesign was to achieve consistency and modernize the platform's overall look. By doing so, we aimed to create a more professional and trustworthy user experience for our users.


As the sole designer in this project, my role ranged from proposing design changes after conducting an initial assessment of the visual UI and user flow. I then proceeded to create the designs and actively sought iterative feedback from both users and the engineering team. Additionally, I collaborated closely with the front-end development team to ensure the smooth implementation of the design changes.

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The presence of design inconsistencies across the site, coupled with a lack of consideration for various platform states such as incomplete or empty content, significantly undermines the credibility of the platform. Additionally, there were noticeable visual design issues with the white spaces, giving the impression that they were unintentional and not purposefully designed.


The updated design focused on three key aspects: ensuring consistency across design styles and components, enhancing the user workflow for increased efficiency, and modernizing the overall look of the platform. These improvements played a vital role in boosting platform credibility, receiving positive feedback from both existing and new clients.

The release of the redesign, combined with the introduction of additional features like the Internal Opportunity Marketplace and Microsoft Teams integration, had a substantial impact on sales. This collective effort resulted in achieving a significant milestone in annual recurring revenue (ARR) in 2021 and 2022.

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