Hey I’m Varanya, a UX Designer who loves building engaging experiences.

I am a UX designer with a goal to use her creativity and knowledge to reshape the world in positive ways through my designs.

I am motivated by making an impact on the users by creating an engaging and valuable experience for them. My favorite part of the design process is empathizing with the users through research and translating those insights into innovative design ideas.

I am curious to learn and make sense of the world around me, talking to people and experiencing new things is my favorite things to do.

My Resume
3+ Years
Experience with SaaS products
Increase in platform users
in Client sales
Major designs released

Let’s drive your business to solid results

My goal is to steer your business towards solid results. With a keen understanding of user needs and behaviors, I leverage my expertise to create seamless and intuitive experiences for your product. By delving into user research, I uncover valuable insights that inform the design process. Through strategic information architecture, thoughtful interaction design, and visually appealing interfaces, I craft solutions that drive engagement and conversions.

Rapid prototyping and iterative testing allow me to refine and optimize the user experience continuously. With a focus on driving measurable outcomes, I work closely with your team to align design decisions with your business objectives.

Together, we can transform your digital presence into a powerful tool that not only captivates users but also achieves tangible results for your business.

If you need a designer who values transparency in communication, identifying and tackling the right problem for your product, you're in the right place!


What's UX Design to me?

In my view, UX design is a problem-solving approach. The important factor in creating effective designs lies in asking the right questions and identifying the correct problem to tackle. I strongly believe that rapid iteration and continuous learning are essential for making optimal design choices.

Additionally, reflection plays a significant role in my workflow. Throughout the design process, I consistently engage in the practice of questioning myself with "why?" This fosters ongoing reflection and serves as a constant reminder of my underlying purpose. I maintain that to produce impactful designs, it is imperative for me, as a designer, to have a clear vision of my purpose, which must be evident in my approach.
My design process

Discover my experience & skills

As a UX Designer, my goal is to put my creativity and expertise to work, making the world a better place. Here are a few of my standout qualities that I bring to the table as a designer and team member.

User Centered Approach

To deliver user-centric solutions user research is an important aspect of my design approach, I prioritize exploring the context and needs of users. With extensive experience in conducting user interviews and testing, I am skilled in gathering insights and feedback to iteratively refine my designs and ideas.

UI Design

My expertise lies in crafting responsive UI designs for both mobile and web platforms, ranging from initial wireframes to high-fidelity interactive prototypes.Tools: Sketch, Figma, InVision


With my strong skill in information synthesis, I effortlessly navigate between the big picture of product direction and a detailed focus on specific designs or projects. This makes me an excellent sounding board for anyone seeking to discuss their thoughts or ideas.


I excel in active listening, fostering transparent collaboration across teams, and skillfully synthesizing information to provide valuable feedback and facilitate design iterations within a team setting.
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